Angry Beaver Attacks Three Near Philly

June 6, 2011 at 4:19 am by  

Philadelphia, PA — Officials in Pennsylvania have reported that a beaver accused of attacking three people in the Pennypack Creek area last week has tested positive for rabies.

The first of two alleged attacks occurred on June 1 as a man and his wife were fishing. Authorities claim a large beaver first attacked the woman, biting her on the leg. When the husband tried to intervene, he was rewarded with a few puncture wounds to his chest and arms.

The very next day, a man and his child happened across a beaver doing whatever it is beavers do when they aren’t building dams and shit. The two reportedly observed the beaver for a minute before dad started poking at it with a fishing rod. The beaver apparently didn’t appreciate the unexpected invasion of it’s personal space and turned around and chomped down on the kid. Good thinking, dad…

The beaver blamed for both attacks was captured late Thursday evening and put down.

These attacks follow another reported beaver attack from back in April. A man told wildlife officials he was attacked by a large beaver while fishing in the White Clay Creek area of Chester County. The beaver bit him on the back of the leg, and after a brief struggle, the man managed to drown the critter. The beaver got the last laugh, though…not only did it take a bite out of dude’s hand before dying, it also tested positive for rabies.

“I’m stunned to hear about something like this,” says park-goer Robert Klinger. “I’m going to start wearing long pants!”

Game officials are warning everyone of the dangers of a pissed off beaver. They are asking that people stay up on the trails and report and strange and/or suspicious beaver behavior to local law enforcement. Also, it’s not a good idea to poke ’em. Oh, and for God’s sake, WEAR LONG PANTS! Long pants must be like beaver kryptonite or something….

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