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WESTMINSTER, Colo. — Here’s a story that plays out like a scene from a horror movie. A man breaks into a home while a mother and son cower in a closet, the entire incident captured on a 911 call.

Teresa Middleton was outside of her home when she noticed a suspicious man staring at her from across the street. She felt uneasy so she went inside and locked her front fddoor. Shortly after, the man was trying to kick in that door. Middleton grabbed her teenage son and retreated into a closet inside a second floor bedroom. She then called 911.

You can listen to the call by clicking here, but if for some reason you cannot play the file, here’s a transcript from thedenverchannel.com:

“He’s getting in now! …Hurry! Hurry, he’s getting in,” the woman said on the 911 tape.
“Ma’am, we’ve dispatched officers,” the dispatcher said. “I’m just keeping you on the phone, OK?”
The woman relayed to the dispatcher as the man kicked in the garage door.
“He’s in the house,” she quietly said.
“Can you lock the door?” the dispatcher asked.
“Yes, but he’s going to come through right now,” the woman said. “He’s coming up right now. I’m going to put down the phone.”
At one point the mother can be heard telling her son to take cover, saying “Get under there.” A small dog barked in the background.
“OK, Theresa,” the dispatcher said. “If you can’t talk, don’t talk.”
Finally, the woman whispered: “He’s coming in my room.”
The intruder can be heard on the tape, banging on the door, demanding: “Unlock the door.”
“What do you want? Tell me what you want. I’ll give you whatever your want,” the mother said from the closet.
“You know what I want,” the intruder replied.
“No, I don’t. But I’ll give it you. Just tell me what you want,” the woman pleaded.
“Unlock the door,” the man said.
“Do you want money?” the woman asked.
“Yes” the intruder said.
The dispatcher is heard telling colleagues, “I can hear him.”
“OK,” the woman bargained. “I’ll give you money. How much do you want?”
“All of it,” the man said.
Seemingly playing for time, the woman then asked if he wanted jewelry.
“Yeah,” the intruder said.
She told him he could take her TVs.
Police are heard burst in, barking commands at the intruder.
“Get your hands behind your back!” an officer ordered.

Police were there within three minutes and after a brief struggle, subdued and arrested 23-year-old Benjamin Davis Saffell. He was placed in jail on charges of menacing, burglary, assault on a peace officer, obstructing a peace officer, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and theft. They stated that it appeared Saffell was under the influence of drugs.

Middleton released a statement to the media praising the Westminster police as well as 911:

“You never anticipate to have to call 911 and protect yourself and unfortunately I found myself in that situation. And, without fail, the Westminster Police force was there for me. I feel that I did exactly what any other mother would have done to protect their family,” Middleton says in the statement. “If there’s anything to learn from this situation, I’d like the public to know: Don’t ever hesitate to call 911. It seems that saying thank you to the police officers and everyone involved doesn’t give them the justice that I believe they deserve, because I whole-heartedly believe they saved my life.”

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