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CLINTON, MD — Police had to shoot and kill an American Bull Dog the other morning after it jumped on a school bus and began attacking the children inside.

Prince George’s County police officials say the dog chased a kid onto the bus and began attacking him. When the kid ran off the bus, the bus driver did as well in an attempt to get the bulldog off of the boy. The kid ran back onto the bus only to have the dog follow him on again.

Some of the kids tried to push the dog away or kick him in the face. When a second kid ran off the bus, the dog followed and attack him. “I didn’t know what to do. I was running to the car, so I could get in, so I wouldn’t get bit, but he bit me,” said Mikhail.

By this time police and fire officials had arrived on the scene and the dog began attacking them. When the dog began attacking another kid who had just been dropped off at the bus stop, an officer pulled the dog away and shot it. “They shot him one time,” said Mikhail, “He was still breathing. They shot him two times. He was breathing. They shot him three times; he was finally dead.”

Four of the children who were bitten were transported by ambulance to the hospital. A fifth child was driven to the hospital by family. One of the children required stitches. Animal control officials don’t know where the dog came from as it did not have a collar or an embedded microchip, and people in the neighborhood have never seen the dog before.

Two different articles referred to this dog as a pit bull while also calling it a full-grown American Bulldog. I was always under the impression that they are two separate breeds. If so, even I — a person who is not a big fan of the breed and would have loved to have used the title “Pit Bull Eats Children On School Bus” — feels it’s a bit disingenuous and misleading to refer to the breeds as one in the same, and a lame attempt to falsely vilify the pit bull.

So come on you dog lovers, hit me in the noggin with some knowledge. Pit Bull and American Bulldog are two different breeds, right?

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