Indianapolis, IN – A man trying to stop a pit bull from attacking a neighbor’s dog was accidentally shot and killed by his girlfriend.

This tragic story, another notable example of “no good deed goes unpunished,” began when 57-year-old Roosevelt Griffin heard a neighbor calling for help across the street as a pit bull viciously attacked her dog. Griffin ran over to help, along with his live-in girlfriend of 10 years, 49 year-old Carolyn Walker, who had also brought a gun.

While the couple were trying to stop the attack, the pit bull turned on Griffin. Walker took aim and tried to shoot the pit bull but tripped, accidentally shooting Griffin in the face. He would die a short time later at the hospital. Police have deemed the shooting an accident and do not plan on pressing any charges.

Friends and neighbors don’t blame Walker for Griffin’s death, but do blame the unknown owners of the pit bull that’s still on the loose. Griffin was described as a  good man who would do anything for anybody in the neighborhood and owned two pit bulls himself, probably explaining why he felt confident intervening in the first place. Neighbors said his dogs never ran free and were not involved in the attack.

According to Valerie Yates, the neighborhood has an issue with loose dogs and the reason why she keeps a bat near her door. “My bat is for the dogs,” she said. “When (the dogs) chase the kids around in the neighborhood, it’d be good to have something close by to hit the dogs with, especially the pit bulls.”

I swear to God, we need to do something about these pit bulls. It’s bad enough that they’re killing children, raping teenagers and selling drugs to the elderly… but now, as evident by this story, they are starting to use mind control. Next thing you know these monsters will learn to fly and the beasts that populate my nightmares will become a reality, ushering in one thousand years of darkness and terror.

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