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Congrats On The New Face, Dallas Wiens

May 10, 2011 at 10:31 am by  

BOSTON, MA — Dallas Wiens, 25, lost his entire face when the cherry picker he was in snagged a power line two years ago. We posted about him last year when new healthcare laws left him eligible for a full-face transplant.

The poor guy was left with no facial features at all. He was blind, had no nose or lips, and multiple surgeries had left his face nothing more than a skull covered with smooth skin and a bad goatee. Even so, his only motivation for signing up for the transplant was his daughter, Scarlett. “I could have lived like I was, no problem, if I did not have my daughter,” said Wiens. He also hoped that after the procedure he would regain feeling to his face, even if it wasn’t his original one.

The surgery was performed in March and took 17 hours to complete. But once it was over, Wiens was equipped with a new nose, lips, skin, muscle and nerves from an anonymous donor. The US military footed the bill, hoping to use the technique on soldiers who suffer from severe facial injuries. He made his appearance on Monday during a press conference with his doctors and holy crap what an amazing job they did. Check out the before and after shots:

That’s pretty damn good. It’s not like he’s wearing a mask or anything, it’s a fully-functioning face for God’s sake. When you watch the video below, Wiens is able to talk with the face even though he sounds like he’s doing an impersonation of Bill Murray in CADDYSHACK…but still, I couldn’t be happier for the guy and his doctors say his speech will improve over time. Not only did he get facial features back, including hair, he also got his smell back. Wiens said he cried when he woke up from the surgery and felt his new nose.

He’s now learned to use this nose to breath and sneeze again. He also regained his sense of smell. The first of which was the hospital lasagna. “But it smelled really, really good,” Wiens said. His plastic surgeon is excited to see the next “firsts” Wiens experiences. “The most fun part is to see the next six to nine months when the function will start to come back and when Dallas will start to feel a light touch on his face,” plastic surgeon Bohdan Pomahac said. “To me, that’s really exciting.”

Wiens said feeling his 3-year-old daughter’s kiss on his new face was truly a miracle. Scarlett never seemed to have an issue with her father’s damaged face and it seems she doesn’t have any with her father’s new one. Wiens told reporters how she reacted when she first saw it. “She actually said, ‘Daddy, you’re so handsome. To her I was still Daddy – that in itself was amazing,” he said.

Again, I’d like to wish Dallas Wiens continued success with his new face and I am happy to see how successful the procedure turned out. Hopefully it will help out others in the future. Check out the following video to see just what a good guy Wiens is. In the video he states he would not do anything differently as this experience has brought his family together and has made him a better person as well as a better father.

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