I was almost going to skip talking about last night’s episode of THE KILLING because it disappointed me greatly and left me extremely bored and more entertained watching my cat try to dislodge something from her ass (and no, Jaded, it wasn’t my finger).

Mostly because we are back to the formula of introducing a cliffhanger at the end of one episode, only to clear it up within moments of the next. This is followed by 40 minutes of boring, repetitive character development before introducing another plot point that will undoubtedly be cleared up within moments of the next episode.

Last week we were left with the seemingly distinct possibility that Stan was going to kill Bennet after abducting him. Within moments, this entire debacle was cleared up while also being informed that there are yet more suspects that have never been mentioned until tonight, including Muhammad, a man Bennet studies the Qur’an with and who has keys to the Bennet’s apartment, as well as Imam Gelabi, the spiritual leader of the Green Lake Mosque.

How convenient and with the terrorist subject being brought into play, how trite. AMC has a suspect tracker on their website that seems practically useless if they are going to continue to introduce suspects with only six episodes left in the series. I’m afraid they are simply using it to gauge who the audience thinks killed Rosie (the majority of voters think it’s Rosie’s Aunt, Terry) to make sure they are able to throw a curveball in the final inning.

But that’s not the only thing that aggravated me with this episode. With Muhammad, Imam and the mosque we also have the introduction of the Muslim religion and terrorism introduced into the mix. I get enough of that crap on a daily basis. But if the show remains true to past episodes, I’m sure that within the first fifteen minutes of next week’s episode, the nasty business Sarah and Holder seemed to have stumbled into will be cleared up and stashed away never to be seen again.

The Richmond campaign still feels like a completely separate television show and I dread it whenever it’s the show’s focus. Any forward momentum the show gathers is anchored by this storyline and I’m sorry, I just ain’t buying the politician-with-a-heart-of-gold color they continually paint Richmond. Also, we all know Sarah is not going to get on the plane to Somona before this case is solved, so why waste all the time with that? They continually beat us over the head with the fact that Sarah gets too involved with her cases. I get it. Every episode it’s brought up, I get it.

I also get the reason for the character development stuff, and I appreciate what they seem to be trying to do, but for me it just isn’t working. Aside from the Larson’s, I really could care less about any of these people. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that I have watched the show up to this point, I would stop watching at this point.

I’m afraid THE KILLING isn’t doing anything new here, simply taking a standard plot from an episode of any of television’s current police procedurals, only stretching it out over an entire season.


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