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Police Tase Naked Marathon Runner

May 3, 2011 at 2:27 am by  

Cincinnati, OH — Brett Henderson, 35, was tazed by disgruntled officers in downtown Cincinnati Sunday after they apparently found his running the city’s marathon naked unamusing.

According to police, Henderson refused to exit the annual Flying Pig Marathon and get in a police car, running around an officer and continuing to run in the  race. Police said Henderson was then instructed by police to get in a car or he would be tased. Henderson kept on running and, as promised, an officer tased him.

“At one point, the policeman charged me and told me to stop running or he was going to tase me, and I could sense his aggression and rage and I thought the police were going to manhandle me,” said Henderson. “The metal arrows of the taser were shot into me and electrocuted me, and I went into convulsions on the ground. When I finally came to, the policemen were standing around laughing at me. They put me in the squad car and took me to jail, where I spent four hours.”

Henderson says he suffered burn injuries from the taser.

Both Henderson and his mother (!) said Monday that he had borrowed a pair of running shorts from his father, but they kept slipping down as he ran. “I looked but couldn’t find a drawstring … I kept fighting and pulling on them, and then the elastic gave way so I let them drop,” said Henderson.

“This is something that happens and is tolerated in the running culture, along with runners who sometimes (urinate) or defecate during a  race. Shouldn’t that be considered indecent exposure, too, if what I did was indecent? In fact, running naked was encouraged in a marathon I ran in San Francisco, so I don’t know why this was such a big deal.”

Henderson was charged with public indecency and obstructing official business. He pleaded not guilty Monday morning, and a trial date was set for May 13.

So…  Dedicated or pervy? What say ye?

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