OKLAHOMA CITY — Charges of animal cruelty have been filed against 20-year-old Angelina Barnes in the Oklahoma County district court after authorities say she mutilated the 15-year-old family cat.

Barnes’ relative arrived at their Oklahoma City home in March to total darkness.  “There were things done to the house like covering light switches with duct tape so she wouldn’t be able to turn on the light,” OKC MSgt. Gary Knight said.

Barnes was found in an outfit she planned to wear to the Lady Gaga concert; a long rain coat and streaks of what turned out to be cat blood on her face, according to the court affidavit.

Barnes’ relative “became very afraid that the suspect was going to try to do harm to her,” MSgt. Knight said. The police officer reported Barnes asked her step-aunt for help and was taken to a hospital. There, she “pulled a jagged piece of glass from her purse and said she was going to hurt the male intake nurse,” the officer reported.

Back at the scene, investigators found purple hair dye and blood all over the bathroom along with the dead cat. The cat had apparently been drowned. It had been sliced down the center of it’s belly and it’s eyes had been mutilated – it’s liver was found in a makeup case on the counter.

Neighbors say they are shocked and hope the troubled young woman gets help.  “[They] were real friendly,” one neighbor said.

Barnes had been diagnosed with depression but those around her say this violent behavior was completely out of character.  She is currently receiving treatment at Griffin Memorial Hospital.

So… what shoes are you planning to wear?

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