Summerville, SC — How many times has this happened to you? You’re driving along and come up behind a group of kids walking down the middle of the street. No…not walking, ambling. You honk once or twice. Nothing. You rev the engine a bit. Still nothing, except for maybe a snotty look and a few choice words from one of the disrespectful little jackwagons. If you live in my neighborhood, you may even get a peek at the punks shit-stained boxers as he drops his saggin’ pants a few more inches down his butt.

If you’re anything like me, you imagine hitting the gas and sending the little fuckers flying right outta their baggy-ass jeans and into the ditch. If you’re anything like 34-year-old Amy Lynn Stewart, you just do it.

At about 8:30 Thursday morning, Stewart reportedly found herself behind one of those ambling roadblocks as a group of middle schoolers made their way to school. Though she honked her horn several times, the kids refused to yield. Sooo, police say she plowed through the group, hitting four of ’em: one 14-year-old, two 13-year-olds, and one 12-year-old.

According to the arrest affidavits issued in each charge, Stewart, under Miranda, admitted to “bumping three to four kids” at the incident location. She also further stated she “wanted to knock the daylights out of them.”

Based on statements from a couple parents, this apparently isn’t the first run-in Stewart has had with that particular group of children. At her bond hearing Thursday afternoon, at least two parents asked the judge to deny bond, saying that this incident was not the first altercation to occur between Stewart and their spawn. The judge, however, set bond at $40,000 and ordered Stewart to avoid contact with the victims and their families.

Stewart, who claims she’s on several different prescription medications, including Prozac, asked the judge to order the victims and their families to avoid any and all contact with her and her home. Her request was denied. She’s been charged with four counts of first-degree assault – each count can carry up to ten years.

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