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RAVENNA, Mich. –– A performer has been arrested and charged with one felony count of manufacturing child sexually abusive material after posting an edited version of himself performing in front of a class of kids at Beechnau Elementary School on Youtube.

Evan Emory, 21, got permission to perform some songs in front of some first-graders in January. He and his friend then recorded him performing a lewd song titled “6 to the 9” with no one in the classroom. The video he posted on Youtube this month was an edited version of those two performances together. Get it? He made it look like he was performing an adult song for kids! Oh, Evan, you are hilarious and original…

But even if this tired trick has been done to death, some of the student’s parents, as well as the school’s superintendent, did not find it a bit funny and wanted criminal charges filed against him.

“He basically took the joy of little kids having fun, and mixed it with something a little inappropriate and disgusting,” said Dan Peeble, whose son was in the video.

“He humiliated my child,” Kristy Korson said. “He humiliated all the parents that were involved in it. Something definitely needs to be done.”

“We were duped. We were fooled. We were lied to,” Ravenna Superintendent John VanLoon told 24 Hour News 8. “Upset is a mild word. It outraged me. I was instantly outraged.”

Lighten up, Frances…am I right? It’s not like he filmed the kids tricked into giving him a handjob by putting a sock puppet on his dick.

Emory admits that he lied to get permission to perform in the class, and his reason for doing so seems perfectly logical to me.

“If I would have told them, they wouldn’t have let me do it,” Emory said.

He did apologize to the school before his arrest, but stopped shy of admitting any regrets for pulling the stunt.

“I guess we’ll see how many views it gets on the Internet and how much PR it gets,” Emory said.

I’d say he’s getting some PR, but the hits on Youtube aren’t going anywhere at the moment as the performance has been pulled from his Youtube Channel. Luckily, WOOD 8 has some of it for your enjoyment:

Evan facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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