Duluth, MN — Stephanie Lynn Mattinas is behind bars for allegedly stabbing her sister in the face and beating her boyfriend with a baseball bat after catching the two in bed together.

Police were called to the home Tuesday afternoon on a report of two females fighting – a man who lived in the apartment below said the fight caused pictures and other items to be knocked off of his walls.

Inside the apartment, officers found broken bottles and shards of glass all over the living room floor. A bedroom door appeared to have been ripped off the hinges and Stephanie’s 24-year-old sister was found on the floor…her face covered in blood. She had a large stab wound on her left cheek with an 8-10″ piece of wood trim sticking out of her face.

The victim told police she had been beaten by her sister. Stephanie first attacked with her fists, punching her sister more than 15 times, before getting stabby with the wood trim. The woman was transported to the hospital where the wood had to be surgically removed.

When questioned, Stephanie told police she found her sister in bed with her boyfriend and just “snaked out.” She apparently beat the crap out of the boyfriend with a baseball bat, forcing him out of the apartment before turning her anger on her sister. A preliminary breath test revealed that Stephanie was more than three times over the legal limit to drive at the time of the incident.

Stephanie, 26, was charged Thursday with first-degree assault for inflicting great bodily harm on her sister and three counts of second-degree assault. She’s being held at the St. Louis County jail with bail set at $75,000.

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