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Baltimore — Wanna know something that aggravates me almost as much as the flashing ads on this site? People who set animals on fire, even something as diabolical and evil as a cat.

I’ll never get the mindset of someone who would do something like that, especially a juvenile. But as two brothers in Baltimore currently sit in a courtroom after setting a pit bull on fire, another case of Baltimore kids setting an animal on fire is being reported.

This one involves a cat named Mittens. She recently gave birth to kittens, and was recently turned into a screaming comet after a juvenile placed her in a milk crate, doused her with lighter fluid and then lit her up.

Mittens escaped the crate and proceeded to run around the yard in circles until the flames extinguished, then went back in the house to care for her kittens.

Unlike Phoenix, the pit bull I mentioned earlier, she did not have to be euthanized although she lost both of her ears and received third- and fourth-degree burns on her back and side.…

Richmond, VA — Police are actively looking for the men who beat up and robbed two other men in the city’s popular club district , then posted a video of the assault on Youtube.

The video shows a group of six to seven black men kicking the ass of two white men. The video was posted on Youtube with a comment about this being what happens when white people use the “N” word. I’m assuming they mean “nanocephalous” or maybe even “Narnia” but I’m not sure.

But whatever the “N” word is, the victim states they didn’t use it and never would have and didn’t even see his attackers until they came around the corner and began yelling at him and his friend.

“All I can remember is some guys starting to, like, yell at us and shout at us, and the next thing I know, I was waking up the next morning in the hospital,” said one of the victims, a software developer in his mid-20s.

Det. Flores believes the motive was to promote a website, even though one of the men’s wallet was stolen.…

MONROE, Wash. – After Saturday night church services, officials performing a head count at Monroe Correctional Complex realized they were missing Byron Scherf, a three strikes inmate serving a life sentence for rape and assault.

After a short search, he was located in the lobby of the prison’s chapel and informed officers he was trying to escape. While that may have been true, what he didn’t tell officers was what he had been up to inside the chapel. That would be found out about an hour later.

Inside the chapel they would discover the body of 34-year-old Jayme Biendl, an eight year veteran at Monroe who was solely in charge of securing the chapel. She had been strangled to death. She also fought for her life as reports are that Scherf’s arms were covered with scratches an bite marks.

He has since been placed in a segregation unit and has asked for a lawyer.

Superintendent Scott Frakes stated that Biendl has never expressed any concerns for her safety, but had complained about being the only person in charge of that area and having a lot of ground to cover.…

Couple Held In Child Rape, Neglect Case

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Muskogee, OK — In an attempt to protect his 9-year-old sister, a 13-year-old boy armed himself with a knife last Monday evening, locked himself in a closet with a telephone and called police to report his little sister had been molested by a family member identified by police as 64-year-old Jesse Wilson Sr.

The girl had apparently told her brother about the alleged sexual abuse a week prior, but the teen had been unable to safely get to a telephone to report it. “It’s my understanding that Mr. Wilson was trying to stop him from using the phone,” says Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Joe Hughart. “I think he was scared of (Wilson) and I think he took a knife for protection.”

And in what police say was an attempt to keep the family’s dirty little secret from spreading, neither child was allowed to leave the house for school in more than a week.

Jesse Wilson Sr. has been booked on complaints of rape, lewd molestation and forcible oral sodomy.…

San Diego, California — 58-year-old Kelly Daffara is facing a possible child abuse felony charge today after she was seen allegedly roughing up her grandson on Saturday.

Daffara and her 2 ½ year old grandson were on their way to visit a relative when they got off of a bus on Broadway, near L Street around 11:15 am. According to witnesses, when they got off of the bus, the boy ran off. He failed to respond to Daffara when she yelled at him to come back, but she did end up catching up with him in the Chula Vista parking lot next to the bus stop. Daffara picked up the toddler and slammed him onto his back on the pavement. “She admitted to losing control,” Chula Vista police Lt. Dan Hardman said.

Witnesses indicated she also slapped the boy once or twice. Paramedics arrived on the scene to evaluate the boy, who appeared to have scratches and bruises on his body. He was transported to Rady Children’s Hospital to check for head trauma and other injuries.…

Tampa Bay, FL — Jaded was gonna post this earlier this morning, but she passed out with an empty bottle in her hand and a cigarette dangling from her mouth. I’ll get pics up soon. I just got back from seeing THE MECHANIC and in a fairly good mood, so I guess I’ll post this depressing bit of news out of Florida where a neighborhood is in shock after learning two popular teens were murdered Thursday evening and their mother is the one charged with shooting them to death.

After recieving a phone call from a concerned relative police went to the home of 50-year-old Julie Schenecker on Friday morning. After no one answered the front door, they went around back and found Schenecker on the back porch in her slippers and a bloody robe.

She explained to them that on the day before she was on her way home from picking up her son, 13-year-old Powers “Beau” Schenecker, from soccer practice when she shot him twice in the head with a .38-caliber pistol.…

Seattle, WA — Duane Starkenburg admits that he goes to the park every day to watch women run – he likes to watch them “jiggle and bounce.” What’s more, according to authorities, he kinda likes to rub his nose in their asses, too.

The first incident happened way back in August. A woman told police she was jogging with her dog in the park near Coleman Pool when a man she had just passed tripped, grabbing her hips as he fell. “He did a face plant in my butt,” she told detectives. “And lingered for a few moments.” When she broke free of the man, she looked back and saw him staring at his hands in confusion. “It was an act. He was like, ‘What just happened,” the woman said.

Another victim told police that on December 8, she was walking up the stairs to reach the parking lot of the park when a man appeared at the foot of the stairs “out of nowhere.” As he passed her on the stairs, he pleaded for help, claiming he had been injured while running or something.…

LILBURN, Ga. — My mom got me out of high school early for a couple occasions, usually for random drug tests or my scheduled sessions with a court appointed psychiatrists, but unlike 17-year-old Benny Brice’s mom she never got me out to do something cool like rob a bank. Bitch.

I kid, of course. Although it would’ve been better than pouring someone else’s piss in a cup. Police say Tawander Simmons, 35, got her son and two of his classmates out of Stephenson High School on Friday morning and then drove to a Wells Fargo Bank. Surveillance video captures Simmons and two of the teens entering the bank armed with at least one handgun, the fourth teen waiting in the car. “I saw what appeared to be a weapon being drawn and two suspects ducking, pulling hoodies up and masks on,” witness Ivy Cromer told Channel 2’s Manuel Bojorquez.

After leaving the bank the trio ran to their getaway car with an undisclosed amount of cash, but unfortunately for them, a Good Samaritan was on the case and not only called 911, but even followed the group’s getaway car until the police arrived.…

Raleigh, North Carolina — Not too many details are available on this case yet, but a 57-year-old Raleigh man is in jail after police said he tried to rape and strangle a woman Thursday night. Clarence J. George is being held on a $2 million bond.

Raleigh police believe the victim was unwillingly restrained by George before he grabbed her neck and pinched her trachea all while attempting to rape the woman. It isn’t clear if the man was only trying to hold the woman down and keep her quiet, or if he was actually attempting to strangle her.

George is in custody in Wake County Jail and is facing one count of second-degree kidnapping, one count of assault by strangulation and one count of attempted first-degree rape, according to arrest warrants filed in the Wake County Magistrate’s Office.

With the online dating and networking sites available nowadays, I’m surprised people still find the need to attempt to rape unwilling women.…

Grants, New Mexico — A high school teacher was arrested Thursday night after being accused of beating his two sons in the locker room of the school. 27-year-old Armando Melendez faces two counts of child abuse and one count of tampering with evidence.

Melendez’s two 8-year-old sons were playing basketball in the gym at the high school after school hours last week. As of now, it is not clear why Melendez took the boys in the locker room, but once there he spanked them with a metal stick he found in the school. Melendez admitted to police that he used a metal stick on the boys and then disposed of it in a trash bin.

Police plan to further investigate to make sure no other children outside of his family have been abused. “Very high concern,” Grants Police Detective Sergeant John Castaneda said. “I was a school resource officer. I still play a big part with our schools through the Grants Police Department. (These incidents are) always a big concern.”

Outside Grants High Thursday night, students were shocked to hear one of their teachers had been arrested. …

Chicago, Illinois — A 20-year-old man has been charged with criminal sexual assault after he was caught with a half-dressed 13-year-old girl in his car. Steve Burton admitted having sex with the girl and was arrested after a Des Plaines police officer saw him and the girl getting dressed in a car parked in Lions Woods at Golf and River Roads.

I’m glad police are taking the time to investigate suspicious vehicles in woods because this seems to happen more often than I previously thought. Are forest preserves a known hangout for pedophiles and their prey?

Burton indicated the two had met online. The girl told police that she met Burton on MySpace when she was 12 and they had been texting, chatting on Facebook and talking by phone for about six months, according to the Cook County sheriff’s office.

On Jan. 15, Burton must have wanted another booty call because he called the girl several times, then showed up at her home and drove her to the forest preserve, where they engaged in sex.…

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