Ferret Chewed Off Baby's Fingers

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Ferret Chewed Off Baby’s Fingers

January 11, 2011 at 12:38 pm by  

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — Police were called to a home early Monday morning after receiving a call that an infant had been attacked by the family’s pet ferret.

When they arrived they found a 4-month-old boy missing some fingers. It seems as if the ferret had gotten into where the boy was sleeping and started chewing off all his fingers. By the time the parents realized what was happening, the boy only had three fingers left; two thumbs and a pinkie.

The father killed the ferret after seeing what it had done. “(I want) to know why the ferret was not locked up properly, secured, especially with an infant in the household,” Sharon Cannon of the Kansas City Ferret Hotline said. She’s not the only one. Because of the severity of the injuries, the Grain Valley Police Department and the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office are now investigating the case.

I hope that this is just a case of an animal getting out of its cage or something. But as we’ve seen before with snakes and even raccoons, some of you pet owners are just absolute morons. I will never understand why a parent would allow an animal, any animal, to have access to an unsupervised infant.

I will also never understand how, in all the cases I just linked to, no one woke up sooner to investigate why the hell their infant was screaming his head off. Ridiculous. When my kid was 4-months-old, the sound of him farting at night was equivalent to someone throwing a chair through the patio doors. I’d bolt upright from a deep sleep while my brain screamed SIDS!

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