Man Goes To Taco Bell…To Die?

January 5, 2011 at 2:41 pm by  

Spokane, WA — There is very little information on this one so far, but what is known is friggin’ bizzare. Spokane police say a man walked into a Taco Bell restaurant at about 8:00 Monday evening, headed straight to the back of the kitchen, and without a word, locked himself inside a large walk-in cooler. Restaurant employees immediately called 911 and police arrived on scene just minutes later. It took police officers an estimated 15 minutes to dismantle the heavy door and pry it open – once inside, they found 42-year-old Richard Thomas dead. Officer Jennifer DeRuwe said there were no obvious signs of trauma. The man was dressed normally and it didn’t appear as if he had died of exposure. Police do not believe Thomas had any connection to the restaurant. Law enforcement officials will look at autopsy results to point to a definitive cause of death. In other Taco Hell news, a couple of Taco Bell employees in Oklahoma City were arrested Thursday night after allegedly imbibing during their lunch hour and returning to the restaurant afterwards to tear shit up. The drunken duo, one of ’em a manager, apparently got into some kind of food fight and started tossing those tasty but toxic ingredients all over the store. After another manager on duty called police and ratted ’em out, both Chris Tull and James Key were arrested and charged with public intoxication.

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