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Lawrence, MA — Alexis Medina, 23, is being held without bail after his arraignment on murder charges in Lawrence District Court in Boston. Medina, who was previously convicted of child abuse for breaking an older daughter’s skull back in September 2008, openly admitted to shaking and “rough-housing” his 4 month old namesake, Alexis Medina, Jr. Alexis Jr. died last Wednesday after being brain dead for hours at Tufts Medical Center. What caused little Alexis Jr. to be brain dead? His shit-stain of a father woke to his crying after Mom, Jocelyn DeJesus, had already left for work. Medina wasn’t having that. While Jr. was lying face down, “Dad” allegedly pushed down on his back to quiet him so he could get some more sleep. About 2 to 3 hours later Medina’s mom, the infants grandmother, came over to babysit 4 month old Jr. and his 20 month old sister Nayeli, and found the infant unresponsive. 911 was alerted and paramedics resuscitated the infant but he was already brain dead. Prosecutor Kate MacDougall stated that although Medina admitted to shaking the baby, the cause of death appears to be suffocation. Personally, I do not understand how Child Protective Services managed to miss this ticking time bomb, he was already on probation for breaking his child’s skull. And though a probation officer made regular visits to the home, there was never any obvious indication of neglect or abuse. This was a regular thing his crap-mark of a father would do, on top of rough play? Rough enough that the kid had 11 healing rib fractures and a bite mark on his foot from dad? Apparently he does not need to have any of his 4 children in his care without strict supervision. Seriously, who rough houses a 4 month old?!

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