Mona NelsonHouston, TX –I have been following the Jonathan Foster story closely since the Amber Alert was issued on December 27.

To fill in those who have not heard of the case, or those that have somehow missed Morbid’s previous post, Jonathan Foster was the 12 year old boy that went missing shortly before 2 pm on Christmas Eve. His body, burnt beyond recognition, was discovered in a ditch just a few miles from the Houston home he was abducted from.

After video surveillance from a nearby business, along with multiple eyewitness reports, placed her at the home around the time of Jonathan’s disappearance, 44-year-old Mona Nelson had her residence searched. Shortly after that, she was arrested on Capital Murder charges. 

Apparently the MONSTER, also known as Mona, was friends with Sharon Ennamorato, Jonathan’s mother’s roommate.  Authorities still have not released the full extent of Ennamorato and Nelson’s relationship, but according to some sources, they may have been lovers at one time or another, and that may have fueled Nelson to hurt Jonathan’s mom, Angela Davis.

If that was her motive, she succeeded. Angela Davis is crushed by the loss of her son, and to make matters worse, was repeatedly questioned in connection to Jonathan’s disappearance before the local police would even issue an Amber Alert!

“I feel responsible because I left him here. I’m his Mama,” Angela told the Houston Chronicle before Jonathan’s fate was discovered. “I’m supposed to protect him. Who else is going to protect him if I can’t?”

Nelson reportedly went as far as to attempt to point the finger at Jonathan’s step-dad, David Davis, telling police and interviewers that Davis paid her $20 to dump a plastic container, of which she did not know the content. Ok, call me crazy but even if that was what happened, she knew the kid was missing and she willingly dumped a container for $20? Leaving aside the fact there was no container in the video of Nelson dumping the body.

Nelson also sought to ‘clear her name’ by telling reporters in an exclusive interview with EWN’s Jessica Willey that “I am not a monster, I have 5 grandkids and I love kids.” Nelson stated that one of Jonathan’s family members stopped her outside his Oak Street home on Christmas Eve and ask her to dump a plastic container before paying her $20.

She said she didn’t know what was inside because she was drunk on vodka. She randomly chose a ditch in North/East Houston. “I didn’t know what was in it until they were showing me pictures…” However, investigators have stated that Nelson gave them plenty of info to prove she was with Jonathan.

Though she will not admit to the murder, investigators stated firmly that they found a “boatload” of evidence in Nelsons residence, including a welding torch believed to have been used to burn the poor child’s body. “Do I believe she’s done it before? Yeah, I do,” Detective Miller said. “I don’t think she began and ended with the abduction of Jonathan Foster.”

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