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GALATIA, IL — I’m sure some will rag on these parents, but I think they’re cool as hell, even if their Halloween prank turned serious for a few moments. Police say a couple decided to pull a prank on their two kids, ages 6 and 8, by staging a “murder” in their home. When the two kids walked in and saw the fake murder scene, they hauled ass to the neighbors before their parents could stop them. “The 911 caller identified himself and indicated the neighbors’ children had come to the house and said there’d been a murder or their mother had been strangled by Michael Meyers [sic],” Brown said. “There are Meyers that live in this area, and obviously we take any 911 call seriously.” When the police got to the home, they found everyone was fine and that it had just been a prank that got out of hand. I’m evil so I am still sitting here laughing thinking of those two kids leaving brown streaks all the way to their neighbor’s front door. Some are already questioning the parents pulling a prank on kids that age, and I say lighten up. It’s Halloween for god’s sake. My mom did that crap to me and my brother all the time when we were younger and it was a blast. Of course she paid for it later when we were older and the tables were turned.

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