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FORT WORTH, Texas — Before I go any further, let me go ahead and warn you that the video at the bottom of this article is pretty graphic and that I posted this purely as an excuse to show a man with no face. If you wanna argue politics, go for it, but that’s not the purpose of the article.

The purpose was to simply show the injuries suffered by 25-year-old Dallas C. Wiens after his face was literally burned off of his skull, and the fact that he’s a true badass.

Two years ago he was painting a church when he accidentally hit a power line that caused burns so severe he was left blind and without lips, teeth or a nose. After multiple surgeries in which doctors were able to use skin and muscle from his back and thighs to cover up the exposed portions of his skull, Wiens was left without any working facial features aside from his lipless mouth.

But now because of the new federal healthcare law that allows people up to age 26 to be covered by their parent’s insurance, he has become eligible for a full face transplant and possibly the third American to ever undergo such a surgery.

When I watch videos like the one below, I’m immediately freaked the fuck out by them but once the shock is over, I’m left amazed at the tenacity of the human spirit and the obstacles some people deal with on a daily basis. I wish Weins all the luck in the world, but have to admit that had this happened to me, I’d have paid someone to kill me.

Check out the graphic video, although I found watching him talk to be morbidly fascinating.

You watch that shit, right? Weins doesn’t give two shits that he currently looks like Skeletor. He simply grows facial hair, throws on a slick hat and then does push-ups for the camera. I dig the guy and I hope the facial transplant is a success, even though I don’t think he will look as cool as he does now. But I can imagine not feeling your face, no matter how fucked up it looks, has to be maddening. If you know anyone on Facebook who spends weeks whining publicly about superficial ailments, you should post this link on their Wall.

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