Adopted Teen Accused Of Poisoning Family

October 11, 2010 at 8:59 am by  

Orlando, FL – Authorities have reason to believe 13-year-old Michel Pollard has been trying to kill select members of her adoptive family for more than a year. The teen’s adoptive mother, 50-year-old Janet Ticono, made the accusations against the teen back in August, after her health deteriorated and doctors discovered traces of arsenic in her blood. Investigators say Pollard, who was adopted from Mexico about 8 years ago, recently confessed to adding a few extra “ingredients” to her mother’s food – ingredients that include bug spray, rat poison, hand soap and dog shit. Pollard reportedly told police she sprayed bug spray on her mother’s food, sometimes mixing it with dog shit, and admitted to putting hand soap in her drinking water. Does mom have no sense of taste or smell? Damn. It is believed that the food tampering began in early 2009 and continued through April of this year. And police believe Pollard targeted everyone in the family, except for dad. Ticono’s two biological children have undergone toxicology testing to see if they, too, have been poisoned, but the results of those tests haven’t been made available. Though Ticono refused to press charges against the teen, Pollard was arrested last week, charged with felony poisoning and placed in a juvenile assessment center. She won’t be charged with attempted murder because it can’t be proven beyond  a reasonable doubt that she intended to kill.

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