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Las Vegas, NV – An 11-year-old boy who already has one felony charge, now has a couple more after him and a 12-year-old accomplice used a BB gun to rob a couple of Las Vegas businesses. Police say you can see surveillance video of the boy, whose head barely peaks over the top of the counter, brandishing the toy gun at a donut shop employee while demanding cash. The clerk is still shaken up about the incident thinking the gun was real and that her life was in danger. The very next day, the two boys pulled the same stunt at a Subway across the street, but this time the 11-year-old held the gun to an employee’s head. The younger boy’s prior felony charge helped police in identifying the two kids and both were arrested, charged with two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon along with conspiracy charges. The younger boy will also be charged with two counts of burglary with a deadly weapon. They are in a juvenile detention facility and will not be charged as adults. The mother of the younger boy was interviewed and blamed her son’s actions on the crowd he was running with. She also added that she would “be beating his ass right now if he was at home.” Any bets on how long before we see these two boys again?

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