Greensburg, Ind. — Last Thursday, 15-year-old Billy (William) Lucas, was found hanging inside his family’s barn. His suicide is being attributed to reports of bullying even though the suicide note he left did not refer to being bullied or blame anyone in particular for his decision. Lucas was a student at Greensburg Community High School and reportedly a constant source of bullying since the fourth grade. In particular, remarks made about him being a “fag” and questioning his sexual orientation. Principal Phil Chapple doesn’t deny that students are bullied in the high school, no more than any others, but added he was never made aware of the situation regarding Lucas. If you read the comments in the news articles, as well as the messages left over at the Facebook Page created in his honor, everyone else seemed to be aware of it. Some are aggravated that it doesn’t look like any charges will be filed against any of the people who bullied Lucas over the years. No doubt the bullying probably didn’t help his mental state, but it would be kind of tough to prove it was the direct cause. I mean, if Lucas left a suicide note that didn’t blame anyone specific, how can the law? But hey, score one for the Christians — one possible gay kid they don’t have to worry about growing up and getting married.

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