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Apex, NC — More Taser controversy after a a fight between students at Westlake Middle School ended with a girl getting tased. The girl was choking a significantly smaller boy and refusing commands to let go. When the resource officer was unable to physically pry her off the boy, out came the trusty Taser. “He deployed it and immediately it was effective,” Deputy Police Chief Barry Nickalson said. Off course people who were not there to witness the situation feel that the use of the Taser was excessive but Nickalson doesn’t see it that way. “Our victim was basically dangling from being choked,” he said. “The way we see this, is we saved a life yesterday as a result of using this tool. Other techniques were just not effective.” I agree with him. If a kid is choking another and refusing commands from a cop to let go, even when the cop is physically trying to separate them, friggin’ tase ’em. Obviously it works really well and keeps a cop from either physically hurting a child or using more lethal means. Some of these people who do not agree with the method used should be thanking that cop and focusing their derision at…I don’t know…maybe the parents of the girl that got tased? I’m surprised to see that the ABC poll is showing most people agree.

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