Elderly Man Injured In Hour-Long Goat Attack

August 28, 2010 at 3:03 am by  

Colbert, GA – Police responded to Vestal Davis’ home late Sunday on a report of an alleged goat attack. The 88-year-old victim told officers that he was heading outside to his shop that evening and when he glanced up, he saw his neighbor’s goat standing in his yard. Suddenly and without warning, the goat charged, knocking Vestal to the ground. The critter’s dastardly antics continued for the next hour or so – every time Vestal tried to get on his feet, the goat would knock him back down on his ass. The goat eventually tired of the silly game and wandered off into the man’s shop, allowing the victim to get up and into his house to call 911. Vestal Davis was hospitalized in serious condition after complaining of pain in his arms and neck. In all seriousness, I do hope he recovers from what must have been a frustrating and terrifying ordeal. The goat’s 68-year-old human, who wasn’t aware of the attack until contacted by authorities, told officers the goat must have escaped it’s pen. The human was subsequently charged with allowing livestock to roam free. And the goat? You just know he’s sitting in his pen right right this minute, plotting. On another note – I totally want that goat.

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