CLAREMONT, N.H. – An employee for APC Paper Company was killed when he got sucked into a paper roller. No one knows exactly how 34-year-old Leo P. Gonyea got pulled into the machine even though a co-worker was standing 15-ft from him. “He was looking the other way. When he turned, he saw Leo wasn’t there. He went around and found Leo on the floor.” The machine is about the size of a car and is uses rollers to squeeze moisture out of paper as it is fed through. Think about that horrific fact for a bit. “I understand there is some flexing in the machinery, so if there’s a bump the rollers do give,” Claremont Fire Chief Peter Chase said. “However it’s obviously not meant for a person to go through.” When paramedics arrived, they found Gonyea, who regularly talked of working 12 hour shifts on his Facebook page, was out of the machine but was in cardiac arrest and suffering from severe trauma. He would die in route to the hospital. I have to admit, this sounds even more horrific than getting pulled into a wood chipper. Mainly because it seems you may actually survive being pulled through a machine that squeezes moisture out of paper. For a little while.

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