Floyd, VA- The nasty, piece-of-shit, low-life, fucking asshole you see staring back at you this morning is 27-year old Joshua Lantz Cromer. The crime Cromer committed happened back on Feb. 15, but I am not about to let this fucking maggot slither by without making an appearance on the front page. What happened was that Cromer was not too happy when he learned another man had been involved with his girlfriend while he was serving time behind bars. So, to get back at the guy, Cromer raped the man’s 7-year old daughter. In fact, he sexually assaulted the child so badly that she had to be hospitalized overnight. Nice job, ass-wipe. I really hope your asshole becomes Karma’s new bitch every single day you have left of your worthless, pathetic life. Cromer was originally charged with rape, malicious wounding, aggravated sexual battery and object sexual penetration, but at a hearing Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to rape and aggravated sexual battery. The other two charges were dropped. The girls’ parents agreed with the outcome of the case because Cromer’s pleas spared the girl from having to testify during a trial. Cromer faces up to life in prison on the rape conviction and up to 20 years on the sexual battery conviction. He is scheduled to be sentenced in September.When the offense occurred, Cromer was on probation for a conviction of DWI as a third offense. He was convicted in September 2009 and sentenced to five years in prison, with all but seven months suspended. He was ordered to three years of probation upon his release.

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