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ISSAQUAH, Wash. – Some details missing in this particular story, mostly from one of the sides who is currently in a coma after getting his head bashed in. But here’s the story so far according to Kiro TV. At around 2 a.m. a woman was walking home from a bar to a nearby home she was visiting. She was followed by a 31-year-old man. The man entered the home and sexually assaulted the woman. After the alleged rape, the woman called her husband who was still at the bar with friends. “He was informed that his wife had been raped and he ran home to go to her aid. Meanwhile, 911 was called by other people,” said defense attorney John Henry Browne. When the husband arrived at the home, he found one of his friends fighting with the accused and joined in the fray. Using a rubber mallet and a brick, both men beat the suspect, who both men knew, into a coma. The husband, 31, and his 30-year-old friend were arrested on suspicion of assault.

I know what some of you are thinking, as it crossed my mind as well (and others going by the comments left at the link I provided). Something doesn’t smell right. I also entertained the thought that the woman either got busted doing something she shouldn’t have been doing. But there just isn’t enough info out there yet and a good source of that info is currently out of order.

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