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COLUMBUS, GA – You know, as I got older and quit playing in playgrounds, I still spent a lot of time in them. Mostly at night and mostly involving sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. Sure we sometimes vandalized the equipment, or left empty beer bottles on the ground or laid down some white stripes inside the cement tunnel – but at no time can I recollect any of us saying, “Hey, it would be hilarious if we taped razor blades on some of this shit so when the little kids come to play, they’ll get slashed to ribbons! Har! Har! Har!” But that’s what someone did the other day in a Lakebottom playground. On Tuesday morning, a 2-year-old alerted his mother that there was a something attached to a piece of the playground’s equipment. The mother investigated and found that a boxcutter type razor had been taped to it. She confiscated the blade and notified a nearby traffic cop. All-in-all, nine razor blades were found on the equipment, all of them strategically placed to do damage to anyone using them. As of yesterday, police did have some fingerprints and even had a few leads.

“We received some information of an individual that was in the park the night before. We’re checking on that individual now as we speak. My investigators are out trying to locate him as well as the individual that called it in to get a statement from him. Also, we have another person of interest we’re checking in to that was seen in a vehicle around the park trying to see what he was up to also,” Lieutenant Bruce Whitehead stated.

This reminded me of that story we did awhile back where someone poured drain cleaner on some playground equipment. In that case a 2-year-old boy was burned after using a slide. I hope that when the people responsible for this is caught, that he is severely punished and that they are old enough for me to splash their face(s) on this site.

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