Monique Cotto Is Not A “Police Person”

May 12, 2010 at 7:37 am by  

Albuquerque, NM – Monique Cotto may not be a “police person,” but she is an ignorant fucking douche who should have her baby making factory condemned, torn down and burned. Immediately. When she showed up at Metro Detention Center to visit with her baby daddy, a guard noticed her 18-month-old son was sporting a rather strange fashion accessory – the child had a plastic handcuff locked around his ankle. “He was crying a lot, he looked in pain,” said Corrections Officer Lieutenant Jason Ellis. The cuff was cinched so tightly it left purple impressions on the boy’s skin after it was removed. Monique was arrested for suspected child abuse. You’re just dying to hear her brilliant explanation, aren’t you? According to her, two days prior to the jail visit, she supposedly left her son alone with a friend. When she came home, she found the boy with handcuffs on both legs and a pillow covering his face, nearly suffocating him. Also according to her, the boy was gasping for air when she arrived.

She said she noticed other injuries as well – a cut on his forehead and red marks under his diaper. Did she seek medical assistance for the child? No. Did she contact the police to report the suspected abuse? Hell no….she didn’t call police to report the alleged babysitter or the alleged abuse because she isn’t a “police person.” Yeah, I’da tased her right about then. Monique told the arresting officer she was also arrested on suspicion of child abuse in February, but CYF says they have no history with her. And the dumbass spent Mother’s Day in jail after being picked up on a warrant. Outstanding role model for a child. Out. Fucking. Standing. Though police are looking into her story about the abusive babysitter, no one else has been arrested.

Thank you, whisperswing, for bringing this one to my attention in the forums.

Monique Garcia Cotto

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