Woman Has Face Mauled By Pit Bull

April 19, 2010 at 1:09 pm by  

COLUMBIA, MS – Thought you guys may like this story. Brings up a lot of interesting points in regards to certain breeds of dog. Tanya Barnes, 47,was visiting a friend when she was attacked by one of his pit bulls. You can watch the following video as she explains the entire episode, but if you have difficulty looking at her face, here is what happened. The man she was visiting got up to go to the restroom and the male pit bull jumped off the couch to follow him. The pit bull accidentally stepped on a pit bull puppy that was on the floor. The puppy yelped and the female pit bull immediately attacked Barnes. And by attack, I mean the dog clamped on to the upper portion of her face – the lower jaw of the dog was in Tanya’s mouth, the upper clamped down around the bridge of her nose. She finally let go only after the owner as well and the male pit bull pulled her off. Both dogs were taken to Marion County Sheriff’s Department and Barnes is facing a handful of surgeries to repair the damage.

Stories like this just hammer home my issue with these types of dogs. Not all of them that attack humans are mistreated animals with neglectful owners. Some just act like animals sometimes do. In this case, it was a female dog being protective over a puppy. The only difference with this type of dog is that it is extremely difficult to stop an attack once it has started. While I do not agree with breed banning, I do feel that there should be stricter control on who can own these types of animals.

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