Sean-Patrick Madigan Beat On A 4-Year Girl

March 13, 2010 at 3:11 pm by  

Federal Way, WA– Sean Patrick Madigan, 27,  is a 6′ 3″,  230-pound self-described body builder who likes to be called Big Puppy, but, after reading the charges against him, I believe the name Big Pussy is way more fitting. Madigan was charged with child abuse this last Friday for allegedly hitting his 4-year old step-daughter so hard she suffered life-threatening internal bleeding. Authorities believe Madigan kicked or punched the child in the stomach and then delayed seeking the medical treatment that saved her life. The abuse is alleged to have occurred since November of last year. Police and CPS started an investigation after a medical provider in Auburn contacted authorities noticing extensive bruises on the girl, but they were unable to fully interview the child or her mother out of Madigan’s presence.  Madigan was arrested on Tuesday after his wife left him and contacted police informing them of Madigan’s repeated abuse to the girl, which police noted was malnourished and dehydrated.

Madigan is accused of force-feeding the child so harshly that her tongue was lacerated. He covered the child’s mouth and nose with his hands to prevent her from crying and consistently caused bruises to her arms and torso. On another occasion he is accused of cutting the girl’s chin while disciplining her after a potty-training accident. In November, Madigan repeatedly tried to stop the child from crying by picking her up and covering her mouth and nose, causing her to gasp for air. When she didn’t stop crying, he dropped her on the floor, causing her to hit her head and suffer extended dizziness. Madigan was charged with one count of second-degree child assault and one count of first-degree criminal mistreatment. He is being held on $250,000 bail.  The Big Pussy has a couple MySpace pages. On the first one, Big Puppy, he claims to be married and a proud-parent among other things and on the second one, Irish Puppy, he claims to be single.

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