Brandon Goddard Doesn’t Know When To STFU

March 12, 2010 at 7:25 am by  

Harrison Township, MI – What can I tell you about Brandon Goddard? For one thing, I think he fancies himself a real ladies man. Though already engaged and nearing his wedding date, he was still out prowling around. The 23-year-old jackass found himself a little side action and the two hooked up and did the nasty. Perhaps fearing this would be his last fling before his life sentence marriage, Brandon wanted to burn the lusty images into his mind – and his hard drive. Without the woman’s consent, Brandon filmed the whole deed with his laptop web cam. For whatever reason, Brandon later threatened to publish the video, but the other woman wasn’t having it. She went to the police with her story. A search warrant was served on the home where Brandon lived – the home where he lived with his new wife and her parents – and the video in question was seized. Brandon was convicted of using a computer to commit a crime. That’s not what landed him here, though. He’s here because of his fucktard actions while awaiting final sentencing.

He’d spent 26 days in the pokey before trial and probably would have ended up with probation except for one thing – the jackass braggart has a big mouth. While awaiting the final outcome of his case, Brandon place a call to 101 WRIF to brag about his conquest and whine about getting busted. “This girl is a total nut job,” he said over the airwaves. “She decided to tell the cops and say she didn’t know she was being recorded.” Brandon claims the woman went to police not because she was surreptitiously recorded and later blackmailed, but because he wouldn’t leave his woman for her. An official with the prosecutor’s office heard Brandon’s interview with the DJ’s and did a little recording of his/her own. After the judge heard the recording, he ordered Brandon to an additional 63 days in jail and three years probation. “He makes light of a lot of things,” said Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith.  “He essentially makes fun of the victim in this case, clearly showing a lack of remorse.” Remorse isn’t the only thing he’s lacking…

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