Syracuse, NY – One thing I hate more than idiots, it’s idiots who abuse animals for kicks. Thanks God some of these are so fucking stupid that they videotape it. The world was alerted to two morons the other day after Erik Estrada, 18, of 1125 Westcott St., and a 16-year-old friend, posted a video on Youtube of them abusing a cat. We have the video after the jump, but in case you do not want to watch it (no worries, the cat is fine), it details a cat named Jasmine with it’s feet bound being harassed by a retard with a hair dryer. The clip ends with Estrada shaving some hair off the terrified cat’s leg and head before he gives the camera a double-thumbs up while sporting a stupid fucking grin on his stupid fucking face. These two seem so pleased with what they are doing, I expected the video to end with both of them kicking the cat out of the way as they embrace and begin jacking each other off. Oh, nice shot of the bong on the table genius. Anyway, because of this video, Estrada has been charged with cruelty to animals and permitting the act of cruelty.

(no worries, if this gets removed by Youtube, we got a copy)

When Estrada was arraigned, Judge Kate Rosenthal noted he had a “terrible history of arrests.” Court papers show Estrada told authorities that they were not trying to hurt the cat and “it was a joke and the dryer was on cool.” They also indicate the 16-year-old Solvay High School student, who is facing permitting abuse charges, stated that he did not realize he could get into trouble for what they did. Wow, I am shocked…SHOCKED. An animal abuser with a history of arrests at 18 and another who did not realize it was wrong? They are breaking the stereotype of animal abusers being intelligent people. I’m not going to lie and say that me and my friends never did any dumb shit as teens…hell I am pretty sure some of it may even be on film. But not once did we ever sit around and decide to torture an animal or stick anything near an animal’s asshole. kid did…but he was a freak.

And Erik? Enjoy the publicity. In the immortal words of the REAL Erik Estrada:
Erik Estrada Homo

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