Oakland, CA- 2-year-old Kamilah Russell, who is described as a vibrant little girl who liked the color pink and the cartoon Dora the Explorer, died yesterday around 4:30 in the afternoon. The person believed to be responsible for her death is her 19-year old mother, Tiffany Lopez. Family members called 911 reporting the girl needed help and she was transported to the Children’s Hospital in Oakland, where she was pronounced dead from suffocation. Lopez, who is 3-months pregnant, first told investigators she had accidentally sat on Kamilah as the two played hide-and-seek, but later admitted that she had become frustrated with her daughter. Lopez was arrested on suspicion of murder.  As recent as February, Lopez was charged with two counts of child endangerment and one count of resisting arrest due to an incident on Christmas Eve. The children who were allegedly endangered were Lopez’s 11-year old brother and her then 4-month old daughter.

Since the incident was primarily an altercation between Lopez and her brother, the infant girl was not removed at the time. Lopez posted $50,000 bail in the case and was scheduled to appear in court in April. Kamilah’s father,  Joseph Russell Jr., 22, had left the apartment shortly before Kamilah was killed. He called Kamilah’s death “a devastating moment in my life” and said Kamilah was “his love, his life.” He is also the father of the 7-month-old and the unborn child.

Kamilah Russell

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