NORWOOD, Pa – Who’d have thought that in one week, we would have FIVE teenaged girls die by train. Three girls died when they were unable to outrun a train on a trestle in Florida. But the deaths of Gina Gentile, 16, and Vanessa Dorwart, 15, may not have been an accident at all. Police say their deaths were the result of a suicide pact made between them and some other girls. They were all supposed to meet at the Norwood train station Thursday morning and end their lives. How many girls were a part of this pact is not known, but what is known is that Gentile, Dorwart and Kelly Cashwell left school that morning and were seen arguing on the train platform, one of them talking on a cell phone moments before their deaths. At around 10:30 a.m., a train traveling from Boston to Washington, D.C. hit the two 10th-graders killing them both as they stood on the tracks. Both of their cell phones were found on the scene intact and are currently in the hands of forensics. The reason for the suicides may stem from the death of Gentile’s 17-year-old boyfriend, William Bradley. On January 15th, he was riding his bike on his way to see Gentile when he was struck by a vehicle. You can read her comments on his death and it is obvious she wasn’t handling things all too well.

For all the gawkers out there, finding all the relative Myspace and Facebook pages is easy enough. I’m choosing not to try and decipher any of the comments left up to Thursday as seriously, it’s the usual teenage crap you see everyday – hell, even from some of your own teens. What I am more curious about is if these two girl’s suicide will be contagious. Because it can be. Hell, one of the comments on one of the girl’s Myspace states that they will “see her soon”. Only time will tell, I guess. Anyone else red this story and immediately think of the train scene from “SUICIDE CLUB”?

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