Brandie Gilley Is A Dumb Drunk

February 26, 2010 at 12:19 pm by  

Crestview, FL – Some people *coughmecough* tend to get diarrhea of the mouth when inebriated. It was just a couple months ago that I got slightly shit-faced and started running my mouth in the wrong company – I said some shit that was better left unsaid and I have yet to live it down. But unlike Brandie Gilley, the shit I let slip didn’t land my booty in the hoosegow. According to the arrest report, on or around December 11th, Brandie, 22, entered the bedroom of a sleeping 15-year-old boy. She allegedly pulled the boys boxers down and performed oral sex on him before finishing him off with intercourse. When the dirty deed was over, Brandie told the boy not to mention it to anyone because they would both get in trouble. Well, the kid didn’t say squat. Brandie, however, got a little loose-lipped with the kid’s mom some time later. While intoxicated, Brandie told the boy’s mother what went down in the boy’s room that night in December. D’oh! I’m guessing mom wasn’t real thrilled with that little bit of info because Brandie is getting her 15 minutes of shame here at the Dreamin’ Demon. During a non-custodial interview on February 15th, Brandie told officers that she had slept in the bed with the boy and allowed him to fondle and kiss her for about an hour. She has been jailed on a charge of lewd and lascivious battery. I have two words for ya, Brandie: Drink. Alone.

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