Melbourne, Florida – Four teenagers made the mistake of taking a shortcut to the beach Saturday evening that left three of them dead. The shortcut was a train trestle that spanned 650 ft across Crane Creek in Melbourne. One boy made it to the other side safely, but his girlfriend and two other teenage girls were still on the track taking pictures when the southbound train showed up. The boy, as well as other onlookers, began shouting at the girls to run or jump. The girls ran, but never jumped, and the train struck all three, killing them. “When they heard the train coming, they started running toward the other side,” Charlie Foust said. “It’s sad. They were just kids. They probably got scared and didn’t know what to do.” Confirmed dead are 14-year-old Ciara Malia Lemn and 15-year-old Jennifer Reichert. One witness described hearing the train hitting its emergency brakes then after stopping, hearing the sound of a girl crying and screaming. A lot of people are wondering why the girls just didn’t jump in the water as they were only 20-ft above the slow moving creek. Or even the unused trestle that was just feet away.

I could easily slam these kids for being idiots as I too was a teenager once and did something just as idiotic. Once, me and three of my friends decided to walk across a train trestle because it would save us about 10 miles in walking time. Just our luck that just as we are at the midway point, the train comes around the bend. We ran like hell, with me and another kid having to jump off the trestle at the last minute. The entire thing was crazy as hell but worth it. Some jackass went and posted the video of it on Youtube, though.

But seriously, we did have a trestle in our neighborhood. It wasn’t that far up, and it wasn’t very wide. But it was in the woods and we used to walk there before we could drive so we could drink or whatever. Whenever a train would show up, you could go under the trestle and sit on one of the concrete supports while the train passed 4 feet above your head. It was pretty awesome. And very, very stupid. So kids, seriously, stay off the tracks.

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