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Teacher Suspended Over Facebook Remarks

February 16, 2010 at 3:50 pm by  

Apex, North Carolina – An eighth-grade science teacher at West Lake Middle School has been suspended after complaints were made regarding some comments and replies made on her Facebook page. Melissa Hussain made several posts on Facebook detailing the ongoing harassment she was dealing with at the hands of some of her students regarding Christianity. Things like someone leaving a postcard of Jesus on her desk, another placing a Bible with a note saying “Merry Christmas” with the Christ part underlined, kids reading the Bible in class and even singing “Jesus Loves Me”. These incidents upset her to the point that she made the smart move of addressing them in class explaining how hurtful these actions were. She also made the not-so-smart move of making disparaging remarks on her Facebook about her students, Christianity and Southerners. Not that anything she said was untrue, of course.

If you are a teacher out there reading this, if you have not learned by now, let me give you a word of advice. Stay off the social sites. Or at the very least, make them very, very private. One too many stories of teachers being fired or reprimanded over comments on their Facebook’s or pictures of them sucking tequila out of a stripper’s naval while on vacation in Vegas. It sucks, I know. But sadly your personal, private life must remain just that. Personal and private. Or suffer the wrath of any parent out there that did not like the fact you gave their Little Suzy a B instead of an A.

In the case of Hussain, her comments weren’t even that bad. You can read the ones that caused all the drama by checking out a PDF of Melissa Hussain Facebook before it was taken down. I didn’t find her comments that bad, most of the more inflammatory statements, like putting up a Dale Earnhardt Jr. pic with a swastika posted on his forehead, being made by people replying and not by her specifically. I do not agree with her “hate crime” comment but do agree that she had every right to complain. But as a teacher, she shouldn’t have made some of her feelings public regarding certain parents or students . It’s just unprofessional and as she is finding out, just asking for trouble.

Now I know some of you read her last name and immediately thought “OMG! Radical Muslim Terrorist!” but at this point, her religious views have not been disclosed and really, aside from it just being another detail, it really shouldn’t matter. From what it looks like, the only thing she was doing was teaching science to a group of kids who for some reason, wanted to do what a lot of Evangelicals like to do and harass her with Jesus Christ. Personally I do not feel she did anything wrong aside from making the very bad decision of keeping her Facebook public while making her comments. They may not have been the most professional comments written or condoned … but then again, redneck, ignorant, science-hating, Bible-thumpers have a way of bringing out the worst in almost any free-thinking, intelligent person.

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