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One Less Idiot On Xbox Live After Online Threat

February 16, 2010 at 2:06 pm by  

SAN ANTONIO – Look, if you are an adult and play any type of online video game, you have gotten used to the jackasses. It’s par for the course and if you cannot handle it, simply play with your two friends or just don’t play online games. For Xbox 360 owners, the term jackass defines the thousands of 13-year-olds telling you what they are going to do to your mother after you kill them in whatever game that involves firearms. Well one of these jackasses got his ass in a lot of trouble the other day while playing “Modern Warfare 2” when he started telling anyone who would listen how he was planning to shoot up his school. Unfortunately for him, some dude from Canada was listening, and he took the threats seriously. Oh, and warning, the video after the jump starts automatically, so adjust your volume so you don’t piss your pants at work like I did.

Not that I can blame the guy. The kid he was listening to was talking about specific people he was going to kill at Marshall High School, including a pregnant girl in his class and his best friend. He went on to explain how he was getting the guns from a friend in the Marine Corps and had even estimated the time it would take for a S.W.A.T. team responded. His motive? To “make the headlines so that people would remember him forever”. Well, I don’t know about forever, but his comments definitely won’t be forgotten by his family and friends for a bit as the Canadian listening in reported everything to Canadian authorities.

One thing leads to another and eventually his Xbox Live account is traced to his address and before you know it, a 16-year-old Marshall High School student is arrested. Turns out he truly was just fucking around and there is absolutely no evidence that anything he said had any truth to it. He was just being stupid. However, the high school does not, and can not, take things like this lightly and suspended the kid indefinitely. But his trouble didn’t end there. Normally he would be getting a misdemeanor charge of false alarm or report, but since a school is involved the charge is upgraded to a felony that can earn him some time in jail.

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