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December 18, 2009 at 2:56 pm by  

What the fuck? I am guessing that really can be the only question you could be possibly asking after viewing that clip. Well my morbid friends, that was the teaser trailer to a movie called “Birdemic: Shock And Terror”. It is a micro-budget piece of brilliant badness directed by James Nguyen. Here is the synopsis for the film from the official website:

A platoon of eagles & vultures attack the residence of a small town. Many people died. It’s not known what caused the flying menace to attack.Two people managed to fight back, but will they survive BIRDEMIC?

As you can tell from the trailer, this movie is bad. Very bad. So why am I even wasting time typing up anything about a movie that features exploding eagles and vultures that spit acid? Because it features exploding eagles and vultures that spit acid, silly. Honestly, this movie is just so bad that I cannot help but alert as many people as possible to it. I know of a few people who have seen it already and they love it. Granted, they love it because of just how awful it is, but still there is a good chance this is the next “Troll 2”. Here, I’ll let the movie talk for itself with this hair-raising scene of our heroes being attacked at a convenience store.

David Harley from bloody-disgusting.com informed me of the time he got his friends together to show them this film – they still are not speaking to him and have removed him from their FB friends list. I had a very, very similar experience when I played “Nekromantik” for a group of friends. But I think the reason why I have not talked to a majority of those people since that night had less to do with the content as much as it had to do with my masturbating while we all watched it. Anyway, the film was picked up by Severin-Films for a future DVD release. You can read a great blog post by Evan Husney titled “Birden Of Dreams: The Story Of Birdemic” where he introduces readers into the world of “Birdemic” and its creator.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicA lot of the guys over at bloody-disgusting have seen “Birdemic” already (it’s been making appearances at film festivals for almost a year) and have been keeping readers up to date with any news about the film. They also have an informative interview with lead girl Whitney Moore (call me) that includes some insight from an actor starring in a really, really bad film:

Simon Barret: What was your first reaction when you saw the completed effects?

Whitney Moore: The whole movie, well, we laughed pretty hard. I was with all my friends and yeah, we had a ball, just laughing. It was a really good time. I mean, we knew it was going to be a bad movie, but we had no idea it was going to be so awesomely bad, you know?

The interview also mentions a girl on Youtube claiming the director of “Birdemic” tried to molest her in a public bathroom during an audition. Check out the rest of the interview.

So why would I waste any amount of time on a film that is this bad? Well it has a bit more to do than just the exploding eagles and acid-spitting vultures. Admittedly, I love the underdog. Especially indie directors who, as noted in the Evan Husney blog: “does it all from creating the film, editing the film, scoring the film, compositing computer generated birds, driving from San Jose, CA to Sundance, rigorously promoting the film in a bloody bird van, sleeping in the van in freezing temperatures, renting a theater on Main St., showing the film, and at the end of the day walking away with a distribution deal are rare accomplishments only the earnest and determined can savor.”  Besides, nothing makes a bad movie great more than having a creator who may not even realize it.

If you want any more information on “Birdemic”, use the links I gave ya’ you lazy fuck. If any of you have already seen this film, by all means let us know what you thought. I’ll be sure to review the film as soon as I can get my hands on a copy.

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