Motty Borger Took A Flying Leap

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Brooklyn, NY – Oh, to be young in love. There’s the initial meeting when the sparks fly. Then you got the inevitable butterflies in your stomach when your loved one looks at you that certain way. Following that, it’s those three little words that seem to mean the world to so many people – ” Hey. Wanna fuck?” Oh wait, wrong words. Oops. You soon realize that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your entire life with – you pop the question. Tears are shed, acceptances are made, everything is just fine and hunky-friggin-dory. A date is set. Plans are made and invitations are sent out. Finally, the big day arrives. You both utter your undying love, devotion, obedience, and all that other happy crap and a guy in a robe makes it all legal in the eyes of the law and of the lord. You eat cake, open presents, and scold your drunk Uncle Frank for hitting on your new bride/groom. After all the crap is over, it’s time for the best part (aside from the cake and presents) – the honeymoon. The ritzy hotel room, the sex, the champagne, the sex, the seven story suicide plunge from the balcony. Sigh. Isn’t it romantic?

Mordechai ‘Motty’ Borger, 24, and his new bride, Mali, had been married for just two days when Motty apparently took that leap of faith from the balcony of their seventh-floor honeymoon suite at the Avenue Plaza Hotel in Brooklyn at about 6:45 a.m. Thursday. Mali wasn’t aware of her husband’s death until the concierge woke her that morning. As with any suicide, friends and family are shocked. Most are saying that Motty appeared content and unlikely to take his own life. “He sang, he danced, he was the happiest kid on the planet,” said a friend who was but one wedding guest among the 500 who attended the reportedly lavish wedding. “The guy was so full of life. He was so happy to marry her,” said another wedding guest. A friend of the bride had this to say: “She’s a nice, sweet girl. They have money, so that wasn’t a problem.”

Authorities are reviewing surveillance video, including a clip of an apparently agitated Motty in an elevator with his bride. A source close to the investigation claims that Motty was “emotionally disturbed.” Yeah, I guess you would have to be a tad ‘off’ to plummet seven stories to your death. (For real, homicidal suicidal thoughts didn’t even factor in to my marriage until I was about 5.5 years in). Wonder what he was thinking there at the end? My heart goes out to Mali and both families.


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