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Knoxville, Tennessee – What’s up with all the animal cruelty stories lately? I swear to God I am not looking for them – it just seems as if all the local news outlets have a story about some jackass doing something stupid to an animal. In this case the jackass is 45-year-old Jimmy Lovell (nickname “Dog”) and what he did with a small, brown terrier. In front of a crowd of people yelling for him to stop, Lovell dragged the small dog behind his vehicle for about a block before finally stopping. He got out, grabbed the dog and placed her in his vehicle before driving off. The dog was later found abandoned on a roadside. The dog, now named Little Brown Dog, will survive but she got her ass kicked by massive road rash injuries. “Basically, (she has) skin wounds, ligament wounds, joint wounds and bone wounds on all four paws, but she also has a large wound over her sternum or over her breast bone that has been created in a similar manner,” Dr. Patricia Sura said. “Some of her bones have been sheared, so to speak, so they’re only half the width of what they once were because they’ve been ground down to that extent.” Lovell was arrested and felony count of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicNow if you go to the source link below be sure to read the comments. As usual with animal cruelty cases, emotions go from one end of the emotional scale to the other. But at the heart of the debate is whether he did this on purpose. If it was just an accident, even I feel that a felony charge is a bit harsh. I get that the dog was severely injured, but if there was no real intent to harm the dog, what the hell?

So that has me wondering why they brought out the big guns? Reading the main article it is clear that people tried stopping Lovell but he continued driving. In his defense, he states he was just scared of the mob of people chasing after him. His defenders state that if he had done it on purpose, why do it in front of a crowd? Why take the dog and place her in the front and not toss her in the back?

And you know, I could even understand all that except for the fact that he abandoned the dog and left her for dead. But I think the reason for the felony charge comes from the a detail in the comments about the dog being his girlfriend’s. along with Knoxville Police Spokesman Darrell DeBusk saying, “A lot of times it’s done to get back at another individual. If the dog is actually owned by somebody else and they’re mad at that individual, then they mistreat the animal to get back at that person.

If any of you readers want to give money to help out this dog over that beggar in front of your workplace, do so here:

The Small Brown Dog Fund
UTCVM Development Office
2407 River Drive
Knoxville, TN   37996-4550

(865) 974-4379


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