Todd Napodano Blamed It On Explosive Diarrhea

November 6, 2009 at 10:09 am by  

Collier County, FL – I love my job here at the Dreamin’ Demon – if I weren’t actively searching for stories to post, I would totally miss out on some of the hilarity that occurs in the good ‘ole US of A on a daily basis. Here we have Wal-Mart, public nudity, and dirty underwear all in the same story – what more could you possibly ask for? Meet Todd Napodano – he was airing out his junk in a Wal-Mart parking lot Monday afternoon, when a mother and her daughter happened to pass by his Chevy box van while searching for their own vehicle. When he noticed he had an audience, Todd allegedly stood up in the van and started shaking his hips, and the family jewels, in their general direction. Instead of laughing hysterically and pointing, like I would have done, the women called authorities. When officers rolled onto the scene about an hour later, Todd was still there in the back of his van, all nekkid and stuff, and still in plain view of the public.

Todd Napodano

Todd Napodano

When officers confronted Todd and asked him why he was nekkid in the Wal-Mart parking lot, he had a doozy of an excuse at the ready. He told them that he had experienced a case of explosive diarrhea and was using his drawers to clean himself up. But, upon examination of the tighty whities, the officers couldn’t find any evidence of uncontrolled bowels. The undies were stained, but not explosive diarrhea stained. Todd Napodano, 44, was arrested and booked on charges of indecent exposure. Welcome to the Dreamin’ Demon, Todd. I do hope you enjoy your stay.


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