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DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla – On Tuesday, 15-year-old Michael Brewer had skipped school and was visiting a friend outside the Lime Tree Apartments complex. As he sat by the pool, he was approached by five other teens who began yelling that he was a snitch and to “pour it on him“.

When Brewer tried to walk away from the group, police said 15-year-old Denver Jarvis splashed him with a jar of rubbing alcohol and Jesus Mendez, 15, used a lighter to set him on fire. Brewer ended up jumping in the pool to extinguish the flames, but the damage had been done.

He suffered second degree burns over up to 80 percent of his body and was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital. All of this stemming from a dispute over $40.

It is being reported that Brewer owed 15-year-old Matthew Bent $40 dollars for a video game. For repayment, Bent tried to steal Brewer’s father’s bicycle on Sunday night.

Off my front porch– walked right on to my front porch,” recalled Michael Brewer Sr. “We pressed charges and had the kid arrested,” said Valerie Brewer, the victim’s mother.

Bent was arrested, taken to a detention center and released to his parents on Monday, police said. Steven Shelton and Matthew Bent, both 15, and 13-year-old Jeremy Jarvis all face charges of aggravated battery. Jesus Mendez, who police said actually flicked the lighter, faces charges of attempted second degree murder.

Brewer’s sister Malissa Durkee said she knows the teens who attacked her brother. “I’ve seen all of those kids,” Durkee said. “I’ve met all of those kids that did that and it just tears me up to know that they would hurt my brother like that.

CBS 4 News was able to get one of the accused’s parents to talk to them about the incident. Patricia Hollis’s son is one of the teens accused in the attack. A police report says that her son helped surround Brewer:

HOLLIS: “I feel so sorry for (Michael Brewer), I really do. And it’s sad. It really is.
CBS4: “As far as your son’s involvement?
HOLLIS: “That’s sad too. For him to even be in an atmosphere like that.”
CBS4: “Did he have anything to do with it?
HOLLIS: “As far as I know, no he didn’t. Wrong place at the wrong time.”

One hell of a price to pay over a video game. I hope they make examples out of all five of the teens charged. We handled things a bit differently when I was these kids’ ages.

One kid I had an issue with for some dumb reason or another, asked if he could have a glass of water after a game of football in my front yard. Sure, no problem. I went inside and grabbed a large plastic cup and then went into the bathroom and dunked the cup into the toilet.

Whoever had used the toilet last did not give it a courtesy flush as their were still bits of toilet paper floating around. Well now they were floating around inside the plastic cup as I added some ice cubes to it. That’s the kind of revenge I like – watching a kid I dislike unknowingly drink toilet water with bits of used toilet paper swirling around in it – not setting his ass on fire.

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Update: You can click hear to listen to the 911 calls. But let me tell you, it is heartbreaking and I would advise you NOT to listen to them. You hear Michael in agony screaming for someone to help him. It is extremely disturbing and absolutely enraged me beyond the point of being mentally healthy.

If I was this kids’ father, I would kill every one of those motherfucking kids. I know that is a knee-jerk reaction and would solve absolutely nothing – but my kid is around Michael’s age and if I were to hear this shit, I would go insane. But not before I did something really stupid to four kids.

It is not known if this kid is even going to survive. Doctors fear his organs are going to start failing. There are little signs that Michael Brewer’s condition is improving, his mother said Thursday: He responds to her voice. He makes motions with his hands. He likes it when his mom rubs his feet.

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