What In The Hell Was Melissa Farris Up To?

October 7, 2009 at 11:37 am by  

Caldwell, Idaho – When paramedics arrived back to Canyon County Paramedic Building from a bogus 911 call about a car accident, they were shocked to see 35-year-old Melissa Farris pinned under the garage door and unconscious. She later died of asphyxiation at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center. No one knows exactly why Melissa, who once worked at the building as a paramedic from October 2001 to December 2008, ended up under the garage door. But it has been revealed that the 911 call the team had responded to had been placed by Melissa herself in a successful attempt to lure her former employees out of the building. “It means for us that she was wanting to get into that ambulance bay when nobody was there. I think that is pretty clear,” Caldwell Police Chief Chris Allgood told the Idaho Press-Tribune. “It does look like she was trying to get people out of the building before she went in.

Click here to listen to the fake 911 call placed by Melissa Farris. Pretty elaborate. I mean she even made up the fact that she was a cattle truck driver. But investigators say was near the  Canyon County Paramedic Building at the time she made this call. The plan to get the two employees she knew out of the building so that she could then get in the building worked pretty good. Sucks about the timing, though. Or maybe it wasn’t a timing issue. Maybe she was not  aware that the safety sensors on the door are higher than a home garage door. Either way, I can only imagine there had to come a time when Melissa was fully aware that the gig was up and that her plan, whatever it was,  just went to total shit.

No word on why she was no longer employed as a paramedic, and no one is reporting on what her possible motive for entering the building could be. Any guesses? Sure, robbery is the first thing that comes to mind – but of what?  We have some EMT people here – if this wasn’t just some sort of personal thing, is there anything worth taking out of one of these places if the crew had left with the ambulance?

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