So You Think You Can Dance!

October 5, 2009 at 9:55 am by  

SACRAMENTO – Ok, now this isn’t anything horrific or depressing, but it is something I need to address as it is very important to me. A dance routine was performed at Rio Americano High School that has some parents crying foul that the routine was too racy and sexually explicit. “It was not something I would want my son looking at. I didn’t find it to be appropriate or acceptable,” said parent P.J. Bascom. Now I have checked the video out, and you can to after the jump, and I can see some parents concerns. There are six gorgeous teen-aged girls dancing very badly yet in a very sexual manner. A lot of time is spent bent over and doing hip rotations. As a parent myself, I think that it is my duty to

encourage this behavior at all costs. My son is about to start playing football and if this is the kind of shit I can look forward to at the games, well then hell, I’m all for it. Besides, for all we know, stopping these girls from their God given right to show off those fantastic assets is fucking criminal, I tell you!

I feel like dancers should be able to express themselves how they want and be able to dance how they feel,” said Rio junior Reagan Maranda. Wiser words have never been spoken, Reagan. I would also like to add that if these dancers want to express themselves with less clothing, well then who are we to stop them?

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