Troy West Proves He’s Such a Bad Ass

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Morro, Georgia – People are rude and common courtesies have gone completely out of the window. It has turned into a fast paced “me me me” world out there. And chivalry is damn near unheard of now as the old timers die off and their mannerisms lost. One of my favorite op-ed pieces opined on the return of gentlemanliness on the wake of 9-11 and that it was perhaps the women that killed it to begin with by having to prove, as a gender, we were strong enough by making complete asses out of ourselves and embarrassing the men who tried to be kind. I really hope this isn’t the reason Troy West beat the shit out of a woman when she asked him to be careful and why none of the witnesses stepped up to help until after the cops came.

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Troy West

Perhaps this sort of thing doesn’t happen too often or perhaps I’m a fairly lucky loudmouth. I don’t know how many times I’ve muttered some comment or come right on out loud and clear with a smart-ass remark when someone is blatant with their lack of manners. I’m lucky in the fact I’ve never run into some psycho like Troy West who beat the piss out of some lady who respectfully asked him to be careful as he barged out of the Cracker Barrel and the door came close to striking her 7 year-old daughter.

All the witness accounts state this woman politely addressed West before he flipped his lid and began to beat this woman in front of her daughter. West responded by telling her she needed to “watch her fucking daughter” and calling her a “fucking black nigger bitch” before punching her in the face. He allegedly threw her to the ground and continued beating her head with his fists and feet while continuing to scream racial slurs at her. I’m not sure why she thought her status of being an American Soldier would make him stop, but she tried to explain that fact as she was being assaulted.

The police arrived and detained Troy West. They also were assisted by Cracker Barrel turning over surveillance tapes and the heroic efforts of eye witness who were willing able to take the time to provide written statements on what went down. They saw everything but seemed to do nothing until the police arrived. Me? I think that’s pretty fucking shitty.

This case has now been referred to the FBI’s Civil Rights Division for a possible violation of the Federal Hate Crime Law. Troy West has been charged with battery, disorderly conduct, and cruelty to children in the first degree.


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