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“Daddy Lorne Touched My Cooter And It Hurt”

September 15, 2009 at 4:10 am by  

Manatee County, Florida Art Linkletter hit a gold mine when he came out with his “Kids Say The Darndest Things“. It was such a hit because I think every single person could relate to hearing children reveal such intimate details so innocently or say some very adult things taken so far out of context. All of it either embarrassing or funny as hell. Or both. There’s something so engaging about listening to a child explain something. Especially when they know they have your undivided attention. They become a bit more willing to share, a bit more animated in their story telling abilities. And if an adult has all the appropriate reactions, the child’s trust and willingness grows. Which was perhaps the case of this three year-old. I can’t imagine the intensity of the attention she received when she said, “Daddy Lorne touched my cooter and it hurt.”

Lorne Yearego

Lorne Yearego

This intriguing conversation happened a few days after Lorne Yearego (25) was arrested for domestic battery and child abuse. While talking to her mother, she came out with the little gem. As any good mother would do, she asked for a little clarification…”You mean, when he wipes your bottom?” To which her daughter replies, “No, because he likes it.” What. The. Fuck.

Guess what the mother did? Ignored it, right? Not this time. She immediately called the same CPS investigator who had been working with her on Lorne’s previous charge and the CPS employee called the sheriff’s department. The little girl was interviewed twice more and allegedly gave the same account each time. When the doctor was examining her revealed her vagina had been touched and asked if she had been touched there, she said, “Yes, inside”.

When confronted with the news, Lorne Yearego denied the charges, asked for a lie detector, then wanted a lawyer. When asked which one he wanted, well…he just couldn’t make up his mind. So he asked for his mommy. This 25 year old dirt bag asked to speak with his mommy. He finally asked for that polygraph to be given and the authorities complied although the results have not been released.

What has been released is that Lorne A Yearego has been charged with (on top of the domestic battery and child abuse) Capital Sexual Battery but the jails website states Custodian Fondled a Victim Under 12. Pick the first one and go with it.


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