Wyatt Smitsky, 4, Found Dead Inside Septic Tank

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Hookstown, PA – Wyatt Smitsky, 4, was reported missing at 7:30 Friday evening – he was last seen playing in the yard with his sisters, ages 3 and 6, around 6:30 that evening. It was believed that Wyatt had simply wandered away from home and got lost. Authorities were especially concerned when it was revealed that Wyatt suffered from an congenital heart defect and required medication. Authorities, family, friends, and neighbors searched for Wyatt until 4 a.m. – coming up empty. The search started anew at 11:00 Saturday morning, but was called off a little less than two hours later. Wyatt had been found – face down in a septic tank filled with solid waste. And authorities don’t believe Wyatt accidentally made his way into the tank. The lid on the tank, which is similar to a manhole cover, was way too heavy for Wyatt to maneuver on his own. Besides that, the heavy lid had been moved back into place after the child was placed in the tank. Curious…

Wyatt Smitsky

Wyatt Smitsky

Investigators started smelling bullshit early on – shit just wasn’t adding up and stories from family members about events surrounding his disappearance were conflicting. Investigators aren’t saying what led them to search the tank, but a haz-mat crew was called in early Saturday morning to drain the tank and there he was. Investigators believe Wyatt’s body had been there since Friday evening when the missing person report was filed, or even earlier. They are not releasing any information about possible injuries or cause of death pending autopsy, but they have classified the death a homicide. The septic tank was about 50 yards away from where Wyatt was last seen playing.

Wyatt’s parents, 28-year-old Terri Smitsky, and John Smitsky Jr., 29, were taken to the station for questioning. Terri’s interrogation must have been quick and to the point –  she was released shortly after being taken in. John, however, was questioned for about five hours. He left the station with an attorney at his side. “As far as he’s concerned, it was an accident,” John’s attorney, Joseph Horowitz said. “He’s overwhelmed. As you imagine, he says he had nothing to do with it, and he’s been in custody, and his son died. It’s a terrible day for him.” Horowitz also mentioned that John hasn’t been charged as of yet. Police have not charged anyone *coughJohnJrcough* with the murder of Wyatt Smitsky, but do believe an arrest is imminent. As always, we’ll get this story updated as new information is released. And personally, I’d love to know what kind of asshole would end this little cutie’s life and toss him in the shit tank – if you come across any information, please, give me a nudge.


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