Krista Arceneaux Slipped The Kid Some Tongue

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Oakhurst, CA – When I came across this little story, three words came to mind: What. The. Hell? Here we have 37-year-old Krista Arceneaux – yes, a real looker, ain’t she?! A bit rough for 37, but with the right makeup, the right lighting, and a couple cases of Corona, she’d rank about a 5.5 or so. Krista was sitting outside of a bar last Wednesday evening when she spied a 6-year-old boy walking across a parking lot with his family. Whether it was because she was inebriated to the point of complete retardation or because she harbors some secret desire for little boys, Krista bolted from her chair, ran to the little kiddo, told him he was sexy, and laid on one him – tongue and all. Needless to say, the kiddos parents weren’t exactly thrilled with Krista’s nasty little show of affection and confronted her, sending her scurrying back to the bar. And that’s about the time Krista came a little unhinged.

Krista Arceneaux

Krista Arceneaux

A female acquaintance who had accompanied Krista to the bar beat feet when the screaming started. When the cops arrived and cuffed the crazy bitch, Krista started getting all violent and shit. She screamed, she cussed, and made a total ass of herself before deputies finally got her nutty ass into the back of the patrol car. After threatening the life of one deputy and his family, Krista attempted to kick in the window. While on the way to the cop shop, Krista repeatedly spit on the officer driving the car. I totally lack patience for any asshole that brings bodily fluids into the mix. One lugie on the back of my neck and I would have gladly pulled the patrol car over, dragged the little bitch outta the back seat by her eyebrows, and inflicted a whole heap’a police brutality on her dumb skank ass. Luckily for Krista, it looks like she made it to the jail house unscathed.

Now, the tard is facing charges of lewd and lascivious acts with a child, resisting arrest, and possession of marijuana. Bail has been set at $100,000. Authorities have not disclosed the level of Krista’s intoxication at the time of the incident.


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