Lisa Newsome Snatched A Case of Beer

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Zachary, LA – In these hard economic times, sometimes you have to get creative.  Chances are, when money’s tight, your recreational fund is the first one to get the cut.  So what’s a girl to do when she wants to get her drink on?  You could head to the nearest bar with a low cut top and an exaggerated wiggle in your walk and wait for the drinks to come to you OR you could be like Lisa Newsome.  Newsome made use of a huge housecoat, some strong thigh muscles and a maybe even a cavernous vajayjay to walk out of a local grocery with a case of beer.  Score!

Lisa Newsome

Lisa Newsome

Newsome was caught on surveillance tape in early August tucking a 20 pound case of beer under her dress and between her legs and waddling out of the store.  Reports also say that she hid a couple of soft drinks up there too.  Color me impressed.  It took a while to identify her, but when the cops found her she fessed up and even offered to demonstrate how she did it.  Needless to say, the officers declined and asked her to keep her pants up.

Newsome has a long wrap sheet and all signs point to “crackhead.”  She’s even operated under many different aliases.  She was arrested and remains in jail on a $1000 bond.  They are still trying to locate her accomplice.
I have to say, I am conflicted by feelings of amusement, admiration and awe in this case.  While I run and dig out my Thighmaster from the back of my closet, take the time to enjoy the video.  You knew I wouldn’t front page this story without it.

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